Cloverhill extension

Accommodation for dependant relative

Proposed development description Cloverhill, Carrowmore co. Sligo

Our role and deliverables

We guided this domestic refurb & extension through: Design, feasibility and planning process.

The development works will consist of the: (a) Demolition of the existing single story shed to the south of the existing cottage (b) the construction of a 55m2 two storey extension intended to act as accommodation for a dependent relative. Proposed development to include: 1 bedroom ensuite, a living room, a kitchen, and a storage / attic area. (c) Proposed development shall be attached and linked internally to existing dwelling by way of proposed construction of a 6.6m2 porch which will connect existing cottage to proposed accommodation for dependent relative. Proposed development to be constructed in line with 13.3.15 Accommodation for dependent relative. (d) All associated site works including the provision of a new foul water system



Carrowmore is located at the heart of the Coolera peninsula, a spit of land bounded by water on three sides. Ballisodare Bay lies to the south, the Atlantic ocean to the west and Sligo Bay to the north. Lough Gill is to the east beyond Carns Hill, connected to the sea by the short shelly Sligo river, the Garavogue. The stunning cairn topped mountain of Knocknarea is 4 km to the west of Carrowmore, while the smaller Carns Hill is 4 km to the east with the Ox Mountains to the south.

Carrowmore has the largest and oldest collection of stone circles and dolmens known from neolithic Ireland. Thirty monuments remain at Carrowmore today, in varying states of preservation and completion.

The Existing Site


The gentled sloped site is located to the south east of the Knocknarea. There is an existing farm cottage and three out buildings on the site. The cottage is currently owned and occupied by Mr. Vincent Cassidy. The shed for demolition is a single leaf concrete structure currently housing Mr. Cassidy’s tools and functions as his general hardware storage area. The site is orientated on a North South axis with South Westerly prevailing winds. There are no neighboring properties to the boundaries of the site. The site has views of knowcnarea to the North West, Benbulben to the North, and the Ox Mountains to the South.

 The Local Vernacular

In order to make the most informed design decisions possible we conducted a study to determine the local vernacular in terms of architectural form, materials and integration in the landscape. One of the key things we noticed was the number and variation of out buildings clustered around the local farm cottages.

The Form


The Design Proposal

The design is informed by careful consideration of the forms found in the local vernacular architecture. We wanted to design something that would naturally integrate into the local landscape. To do this we have acknowledged all surrounding existing forms and designed a building that is both sympathetic to the surroundings and beautifully functional for the user. The proposed design will replace the existing single leaf concrete shed to the South of the existing farm cottage. As the proposed design is positioned in the same location as the existing shed it will incur minimum change on visual impact from the road. The total area of the proposed is 61.6m2 (this includes the porch which will act as a connection between the farm cottage and th proposed accommodation for a dependant relative. Proposed development to be constructe in line with 13.3.15 Accommodation for dependent relative.


The Layout

Within the existing dwelling the room function will remain the same with the exception of the kitchen hall. This area will no longer lead directly outside and instead will lead to the proposed new porch which will act as a connection between the existing cottage and proposed new accommodation for dependent relative. Within the accommodation for the dependent relative all of the functionality for living can be catered for on ground level. The ground floor contains kitchen / living area and an ensuite bedroom. The mezzanine level will contain an attic / storage area The living area and bedroom allow for views toward Kocknarea with south facing windows to take advantage of natural light and solar gain.

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