Foody's Pharmacy UI

UI design always starts with our clients. On this project we carried out extensive research on the market, users and competitors. This research allowed us to make informed design decisions from colour palette to branding to overall usability.

UI design like all other forms of design is a process of iteration. Following our research we provided the client with a series of sketches demonstrating our intention. as soon as sketches were signed off we get to work creating the website structure

Navigation and layout.jpg

The Website Structure 

To ensure smooth future development and easy expandability, we put together a set of guidelines that provided an overview of design patterns, fonts and styles, layout structure, colour palette, and a list of technical considerations and constraints.

This process helped our client to visualise the structure and usability of the website


Provision of imagery 

We were able to provide very suitable illustrative imagery and photography on this project given our in depth analysis and market understanding 

Product-page-illustrated 1.jpg


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