Patrick Kavanagh

Irish Writers Series

This was the 3srd in a series of Portraits I was commissioned to do for a new office fit out in Dublin



I have based it on the poem 'Canal Bank Walk'

I have drawn the portrait of the poet in black and white and have introduced a huge splash of colour in the form of a flock of birds escaping from a canal lock. This alludes directly to the poem by using the imagery of the canal coupled with the boundless nature of birds flight which is intended to reflect his thought process

Reddin designs Patrick Kavanagh sketch design.jpg

Oscar Wilde

Irish Writers Series

This was the 2nd in a series of Portraits I was commissioned to do for a new office fit out in Dublin



“We are all in the gutter looking at the stars” 

I have based this piece on the above quote. As Wilde was so interested in the ‘aesthetic movement’ I have decided to depict him as a young confidant man. Given his overt and colorful nature I have decided to incorporate as much color and texture as possible to properly convey the personality 

Reddin designs Oscar Wilde sketch design.jpg

James Joyce

Irish Writers Series

This was the 1st in a series of Portraits I was commissioned to do for a new office fit out in Dublin


The Design

Almost all of James Joyce’s literary works were rooted in the streets of Dublin, Most famously Ulysses which depicts the adventure of Leopold Bloom as he travels through the city.I have illustrated Joyce's portrait using an old street map of Dublin to depict the light and dark area.

Joyce was also fascinated with the notion of the stream of consciousness, I have alluded to this by the introduction of a splash of color by his temple as if to highlightthe mans vibrant thought process

The Liffey Swim

Night Swimming Illustration

I lived in Dublin for many years and was always fascinated by the Liffey Swim. Coming from Sligo my first observation of the capital was that everything moved so fast and everyone always seemed to have something they just must do. This is my interpretation of busy Dubliners night swimming as they train for the Liffey Swim

Howth and the Whale

Howth Head Print

I recently walked around Howth Head in North County Dublin and was amazed to find, nestled amongst the craggy rock faces, this stunning lighthouse. My imagination instantly sparked as I thought of a  great whale plunging through the clouds, almost making contact with the tip of the lighthouse.

I just had to draw this as soon as I got home!

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