How to draw elf step by step

Elf is one of my favourite Christmas movies.  Here is a quick time Lapse of a drawing I did of will Ferrell's character 'Buddy'.  

I have been using my Wacom intous 3 tablet with Photoshop.

Step 1

Using a broad photoshop brush (aprox. 14px)  I roughly marking out the position of the head, features and shoulders.

Step 2 

Using a separate Photoshop layer I begin begin to refine the features and face shape with a thinner photoshop brush (aprox. 2px) 

Step 3

Once I am happy with the refined outlines I begin to add colour. By using the Magic wand tool I can select specific areas and then apply a fill of a block colour using the paint bucket tool.

Step 4

Once the block/solid colours were added I used a soft rounded headed brush to apply shading and tonal contrast. This is particular evident on the face. Using the soft brushes can be very challenging and does require a bit of practice. Once you get the hang of the soft brushes they can be an excellent tool for very quick tonal results  

Step 5

Once I'm happy with the over all look of Elf,  I type his name 'Buddy' behind his head using Langdon font and add a graduated polka dot pattern to contrast the strong blocky structure of the font.

Using Photoshop can be a very quick and easy to produce convincing looking artwork. My advice is get comfortable with all the tools, experiment with different brushed and practice as much as possible