Mixed media Illustration of a White Walker

What is a white walker

Like mentioned in an earlier post White Walker are definitely not good news. George R. Martin sums them up as inhuman elegant and dangerous.

Design Concept

I wanted to highlight the over arching theme of 'Ice and Fire' by using a portrait of a white walker. The blue frozen textured skin represents the Ice, the North, the struggle, the misery and every thing beyond the wall. This is contrasted by flickers of colour painted over the individual contours of the face using broad and fine brush strokes. The colours represent Light, fire, and hope. The result is a colourful unique piece of Game Of Thrones artwork 

The History

From the HBO series based on the books by George R. Martin, 'Game of thrones'. Originally only mentioned in the legends of the first men and the children of the forrest, The white walker become very real as the story unravels. Thousands of years ago they came south of the wall for the long night this is when the battle of the dawn occurred. They are currently north of the wall and an ever present threat for Jon Snow and his Nights watch (crows) in Castle Black.  

Winter is coming

Is a reference to a long dark cold period where the White Walkers will march south of the wall. They have few known weaknesses but one is dragonglass (frozen fire) this is first seen when Samwell Tarley stabs one of them in the haunted forrest and he melts into a puddle.