Jon Snow, Game Of Thrones artwork

Who is Jon Snow's mother?

(No Spoilers) I don't know the answer but as things stand at the moment I'm guessing the entire story arch is hinging on this question, but I'm only guessing.


This is an equation that pops up all over the internet and in the background of the television show. It apparently alludes to the mysterious origins of Jon Snow. Check out the link below for more info. 

Jon Snow was the most important character in forging the relationship between George R.R. Martin (author of the books) and showrunners David Beinoff and D.B. Weiss. When they first met to talk about making the stories into a television production, Martin asked them at the end of their conversation "Who is Jon Snow's mother?"


Jon Snow portrait painted using an imaginative colour palette. The face is depicted using brilliant colours with a mixture of broad and narrow brush strokes. Click on the Image to view as an art print