New Game of Thrones artwork

Winters Coming!

No Winter is here! and its really boring because there nothing to watch

When Is Game Of Thrones back on tv?

Good News Season 5 starts Spring 2015! Although the HBO website won't give an exact date :(  

Whats Gonna happen to Jon Snow?

I don't know the answer yet, but I'm guessing it involves White Walkers Wildlings and probably his direwolf Ghost. 

"You know nothing Jon Snow"

Unfortunately for you Ygritte, Jon's mates at Castle Black got a bit fed up of your constant Snow bashing. An arrow through your heart proved a very romantic end.

What is a White Walker? 

I suppose you could sum them up as polar zombie creatures things that enjoy a good time at everyone else's expense. Apparently they payed Westeros a bit of a visit a couple of thousand back and had a 'long night'. caused a lot of trouble, and now they're not welcome back  

Game Of Thrones the sitcom

I do think a sitcom version of Game Of Thrones would be great. Ygritte, Jon, Deenerys, Hodor, Joffrey and a white walker all Sitting around a New York apartment discussing their love lives.. Well, Maybe not Joffrey, Keep it believable!