Brand Management Shells

Shells Cafe, is a very well know fast growing business famous for its; food, atmosphere and design. The award winning Cafe is located in the extremely popular seaside village of Strandhill.

For well over 1 year I managed the graphic side of the shells brand, providing:

1. Brand guidelines,
2. Logo design,
3. All client facing advertising and promo- tional material
4. Store front design
5. Commercial illustration
6. Package design
7. Press releases

I worked closely with; designers, printers, and manufactures to ensure all projects adhered to our branding guidelines and were delivered on time and on budget

To set out the feeling and tone of voice for the brand, we analyzed the target demo- graphic and the location. We knew we need- ed something relatively generic, as we had to cater for all ages, from children right the way to the elderly, but we also knew our focus was on the 25-40 bracket.

Given the traditional nature of the neigh- boring businesses we knew with a little bit of imagination we could stand out and grab our audience’s attention.

We focused on creating a shabby chic sea- side vibe with a hint of hipster. We used a lot of hand drawn hand illustrated designs across all marketing and branding material to achieve a hand made yet professional feel- ing. This level of consistency and attention to detail has lead to an instantly recognisable well loved brand