Community Art Event

How to create a group art event 

We have made a step by step video guide on how to bring a group together to create an awesome piece of art.. Oh ya, we also we also managed to fit in a couple of bottles of wine, its maybe the reason the zebra looks a little funky :)

Step 1

Spray paint


Find a large sheet of timber (Do not rob it, unless you are totally broke)

Find a few cans of really colourful spay paint (Probably best not to rob these either)

Spray paint the board. Do this outside unless you want to get so high you literally wont sleep for a week

Use stencils (or sheets of card board if your feeling too lazy) to make cool patterns


Step 2


Prepare yourself to get black everywhere because this is a messy job


Step 3 


Trick as many of your friends as possible to help at this point because this is hard work. 

You have to scratch away the black layer to revel the colourful pattern below. 

Let us know in the comments below what you would like to see for our next event. and if you'd like to come along just contact us here for more details