Illustrating a hero image for a website


The Client

This was illustrated for Groupmail who are a leading group email software company with a customer base primarily in the US. Their top clients include Samsung, Yale and Nokia.


The Concept

The concept was to create a colourful, fun, dreamlike landscape as a reflection of the company culture, which is hardworking, but promotes outdoor adventure, imagination and surf lifestyle. I imagined a world that has few rules or boundaries but instils a sense of creativity and enjoyment. To get into the correct mind-set to visualise this world I thought about the concept of email and began to ask a few questions like: Where do emails go when they are in that space between the sender and the recipient? It was this thought process that lead me imagine the realised dreamlike world.


The Process

I use pencil, charcoal and watercolours to realise conceptual work. Once I have a concept that I am happy with I refine and enhance the idea in photoshop and ultimately take it into illustrator to create finished vector graphic illustrations. For an in depth look at my illustration process check out my video for 'How to illustrate a magazine cover'


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