Illustrating for New York Magazine

Reddin designs Convene magazine illustration

Illustrating for Convene magazine

I recently completed an editorial illustration for the New York based magazine Convene.

In late April 2017 I was contacted by my agency 'Rappart' with the assignment of illustrating a map of Cleveland for Convene Magazine. The only problem was that I'd never been to Cleveland (Thank God for google earth) Slowly but surely I built a very good impression of the city and the identity using maps images and associated articles.

The Process

Reddin designs Cleveland map sketch design

Having quite a decent grasp on the layout of the city I sent my first sketch design to the editors. You'll be happy to hear they loved it from the get go. Phew!! We worked through a number of revisions, the colouring process and building design (below) before arriving at a style we all felt represented the city.

Reddin designs Cleveland map sketch design

The finished illustration

The project probably ran for about 2 weeks but by the end everybody was very happy with the outcome, especially me as I had proved to myself and Convene's 100,000 readership that I could produce high quality illustration work which accurately represented a place I'd never been to.

Reddin designs Cleveland map illustration

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