Dubai Editorial Map Illustration

Reddin Designs illustration of Dubai for Convene

Illustrating a map of Dubai 

I recently completed an illustration of Dubai in a stylised map form for the New York based magazine 'Convene' for there September issue 2017 as part of their feature Places and Spaces

Sketch design

Reddin Designs Dubai Map illustration sketch design

I have never really spent much time in Dubai. So like with all illustration jobs this one started with research. The client had given me the specific buildings they wanted me to include but I had no Idea where they were or what they looked like!

Google maps take a bow! After a little bit of over and back with the client during the sketch design phase we had our style and positions down. 

Using Kyle T Webster brushes 

I couldn't wait to start the detailed design and colouring as I was really excited to try out my new brush set I downloaded from Kyle T Webster brushes. If you are an illustrator you have to try out his brushes they are amazing!! I have used the preset 'Kyle's Xerox Brush 90' with a soft basic round brush to create this lovely speckled and dappled effect. 

Reddin Designs Dubai Map Illustration editorial

The Finished Product

The main challenge form me here was the colour tones. I generally love to get lots of green shades into my editorial maps but I felt these wouldn't be very fitting in a desert location. To compensate for the lack of colour variety I have highly saturated the the edges of the land mass (orange yellow) giving more dept and variety of colour. I have also added a lot of colour variation and texture to the water again to create a more vibrant finished piece. To view the Convene magazine issue that this appeared in just click here

Reddin Designs Convene Magazine

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