Commissioned Illustration for Italian wedding


Italian Wine

I was asked to illustrated a scene from an Irish wedding in Italy. Wow this was a challenge indeed! firstly I have only been to Itially once and it was so long ago the only thing that I actually remember was how great the red wine is over there (Queue the memory loss!!)

Fill the Gaps

Due to the gaps in my knoledge I knew this project was going to take a lot of research.

The couple got married on the Amalfi coast which is absolutely beautiful (if google image search is to be believed)

The key characteristics I picked up on were: tall steep green rolling hills, deep blue ocean, stoney coast lines, vineyards, stepped lush landscapes, old Mediterranean towns peppered about the coast lines and clear blue skies.


The finished illustration

I asked for a lot of details about the couple before I began this project which I was able to include in the finished piece ultimately making this piece very personal and really a one of a kind wedding gift 


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