Japan Map Illustration for D Magazine


Illustrating for D Magazine

D Magazine (based in Dallas, Texas) approached me recently and asked if I could illustrate a map of Japan for there September 2017 issue.

Japan is one of those places thats just so full of intrigue, the culture seems so foreign and exotic. I just really wanted to explore  what it had to offer.

Plus a childhood, kung Fu and dragon obsession meant I was absolutely going to say yes to this request!!


The Brief

The brief was pretty tight which left little room for exploration. This is actually a blessing in disguise in the world of editorial illustration. It means as the illustrator you get very clear guidelines from the start and it leaves little room for interpretation meaning a lot less over and back at the sketch phase.   

The Art Director in D Magazine was so happy with the first sketch I did that I did I basically converted it directly to a finished design.

No Dragon

I know its a little cliche but my only regret here is that I didn't get to add a dragon :( 

Get in touch

If you are an illustrator and have any questions on editorial map illustrations or if you are an Art Director and you would like to work with me please contact me here