Critique your artwork, Facebook or Instagram?

Which social media platform allows for better visual comparisons. Facebook or Instagram?

Reddin designs Facebook vrs Instagram

Artist critique

Every artist knows that the only way to improve your work is through constant critique. Social media can act as a fantastic platform to share your visual ideas and get instant feedback if used correctly. I use both Facebook and Instagram regularly to ask direct questions about my work, most people are more then happy to offer their opinion.

Last week I posted the same question to both Facebook and Instagram to discover startling contradictory results. This has lead me to question - Which platform is better for critique?

The Post

The post asked for help deciding between two versions of the same art piece. On Facebook an overwhelming majority chose the print on the above right. This print has cooler tones reflected in the blue and the green colouring. 

Reddin designs Facebook vrs Instagram


However on Instagram almost everybody selected the above version which is much warmer tone, this is reflected in the burnt golden colours.

Initially I was baffled by the result.

My conclusion

The reason I think both posts yielded such differing opinions is a result of image format. Facebook shows both prints in a rectangular format standing side by side. Where as Instagram shows one image at a time cropped into square format with the option to flick between the two. I think the instant accurate comparison displayed by Facebook allows for much better judgement and critique.  And I would say for this particular piece the Facebook results are more accurate. I would love to hear your thoughts on this comparission so please leave a comment below 

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