Split level house Sligo

This project was worked on in collaboration with Darragh Breathnach of www.DUA.ie. We worked on this project from inception to the completion of the planning application in late 2016. We worked very closely with the client the entire way through the process to ensure all needs were met. Planning was granted on this project in early 2017.

The Process

The Client approached us with a number green field sites owned by his family and requested that we conduct
a series of feasibility studies to determine which was the optimum site to build his new family home. We had a number of factors to take into account including: planning law, the clients specific needs, and all the fundamentals of good responsible architectural design. We surveyed each of the sites and drew up initial sketch designs for all 6 locations. following a series of design reviews and client input meetings, we arranged a preplanning meeting with the local authority in Sligo. At this point we were finally ready to make a decision on the site as we had planning recommendations, client input and an array of data from our feasibility study.

As our site was zoned as ‘green’ we needed to ensure that the client was in compliance with the ‘Rural housing policy’. A combination factors qualified the client to build his home in such a sensitive area. The client had grown up less then 200m from the site, he worked 2km from the site and his family had been running a farm in the area for 3 generations. We prepared a rural housing application which was to be submitted with the rest of the planning application.

The Site

The site took in fantastic views of the Ox mountains
to the south, The Atlantic ocean to the West and Benbulben to the north. It was elevated well above
the road with tall surrounding trees giving privacy and shelter from the south western prevailing wind. The client had expressed a keen interest in a split level house as it would sit very naturally into the the sloping landscape. He had also explained how the views of the surrounding landscape were of huge importance to him and his heritage.

The Design

We wanted to create something that would sit peacefully in the rolling green landscape but, that would also fulfil all of the clients needs. We broke the house into two sections. The public spaces which were the upper level and the private spaces which were
the lower level. The public spaces on the upper level took in the most impressive views of the surrounding landscape on account of their elevation and floor to ceiling glazing on the south east wall. These public spaces were organised around a beautiful landscaped courtyard which allowed for further penetration of light and greater ventilation of the spaces. The lower level contained the bedrooms and again given the stepped nature of the site this area allowed for the greatest amount of privacy all the while maximising the light and views.