The Client: This image was illustrated for Surf Summit to promote the event, which attracted over 500 delegates from web summit for a weekend of talks, surfing, good food and music.

The Concept: I wanted to imagine a world where surfers are water bound creatures restricted to the coastal shores of great colourful landmasses. Once I began to challenge this concept I started to imagine the surf creatures would look just like humans only instead of skin they would be wrapped in organic purple neoprene allowing them to survive in all climates with ease. Their world would be bright, vibrant, unthreatening and round. In this image I have imagined surfers on a first date.

My Process: I use pencil charcoal and watercolours to realise conceptual work. Once I have a concept that I am happy with I refine and enhance the idea in photoshop and ultimately take it into illustrator to create finished vector graphic illustrations.