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Digital product design case study

An examination of my working processes


Tapping into viral video campaigns to create a cohesive and common goal ensuring that designated charities benefit from your efforts

The Problem

Inspired by the seeming success of the viral video campaign 'the Ice bucket challenge' in July of 2014 Ciaran Hughes (Founder of Bonbu) noticed that even tough this was done in aid of the ALS charity a lot of people participating either didn’t realise it was for charity or couldn’t find a clear and easy way to donate. The key issue was that there wasn't a clear link between the videos and the charities.
Ciaran predicted that this was only the first of many charity campaigns that would appear on social media and transform in to world wide viral video campaigns. He set about devising a way in which all videos could be connected to the designated charity and deliver a donation through a simple mechanism.


The Solution

Create an app that allows you to record the charity driven challenges. Within this app allow the users to create a profile and curate a library of all their challenges. The app ultimately acts as a portal to social media taking the recorded media and uploading it to Facebook. The app would add a message at the end of each video informing the observers that this was done in aid of the named charity and was sponsored by one of Bonbu’s secured sponsors.

The sponsor would donate an agreed amount to the designated charity for every video uploaded. This methodology and process afforded the user a simple means of creating their video with a clear message stating the charity accompanied by a simple donation mechanism


Of the 28 million people who participated in the ice bucket challenge the majority were mid teens to early twenties.

The Target users


I coordinated and led all facets of design including: information architecture, user tasks flow, integration, visual, products and prototyping. I also conducted user research using methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, and participatory design in order to address both user behaviour and attitudes

The Team Role


In order to identify if this product was worth building, as well as what it needed to accomplish, we started out by assembling a focus group of target users. We were able to identify key pain points: they wanted an easier way to donate and maintain their libraries displaying their histories. 

We identified the key specs that had to be included in the app in order to build the MVP, then mapped out user flow based on those specs ( a lot of white boarding was involved) At this point of the process we found participatory design to be extremely important. We actually had end users mapping out their ideal flows which we were able to incorporate into our design.

As we started to explore the interface and visual design, we decided to use a variety of mediums (whiteboard, pen and paper, photoshop ect...) in order to rapidly iterate on a wide variety of ideas.

The Design Process


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The objective of the interface was to keep the app fun and inclusive. we chose to use vibrant gradients, rounded corners and big images and playful icons


Phone interfaces.jpg

In order to reinforce the fun and friendly tone that was established for Bonbu, we used a mix of iOS conventions and Material Design interaction model. even though the funding ran out on the bonbu project we found the high-fidelity interaction prototypes to be extremely useful in gathering valuable feedback.

Interactive Design



The app was well received and I believe well tested the funding ultimately ran out on the project bringing it to a premature close. I feel the process undertaken could have possibly been improved by bringing in the engineering team early as it helps for a smoother work flow




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"Reddin Designs took the time to get to know our business and delivered ideas, artwork and mockups that gave us the look and functionality we needed"

 Luke Sanders, Studyclix

"We really enjoyed working with Reddin Designs. Their attention to detail coupled with their design expertise lead us to the best possible user interface outcome"

Ciaran Hughes, Bonbu


Many large companies might not have the skills in-house to achieve the GUI design quality they want. By working with Reddin Designs, we’ll help you create a solution that is functional and high-quality. Reddin Designs is an innovative UI design company. We specialize in graphical user interface design and development, and we work hard to build customized solutions that make the most sense for your particular needs.

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